Scope of Work

CPRD, for itself has defined, in the light of national and international, its scope of work that encompasses the whole humanity. To cover its scope, CPRD has created in the beginning fifteen Focal Groups (FG).


Focal Groups of CPRD

These focal groups are named as under:


FG1:   Engineering and Technology (E&T)

FG2:   Education and Research (E&R)

FG3:   Defense for Peace (D4P)

FG4:   Law and Justice (L&J)

FG5:   Journalism and Media (J&M)

FG6:   Politics and Governance (P&G)

FG7:   Business and Industry (B&I)

FG8:   Finance and Accounts (F&A)

FG9:   Banking (BK)

FG10:  Takaful and Insurance (T&I)

FG11:  Marketing and Advertisement (M&A)

FG12: International Relations and Foreign Policy (IR&FP)

Will gradually cover all the regions of the globe, including The Arab World, United States of America, United Kingdom, European Countries, NATO Countries, Russian Block, China, and Iran, SAARC Countries, and African Countries

FG13: Social Sciences (SS)

This focal group will address the research issues related to following sub categories. These categories may later be declared as individual focal groups if needed:

Religion and Ethics, Economics, Political Science, Sociology and Culture, Sports and Tourism, Psychology

FG14: Applied Sciences (AS)

Health Sciences, Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Agriculture Sciences, Mathematical Sciences

FG15: Oriental Studies (OS)

Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies, History, and Iqbaliyat