Center for Policy Research and Dialogue (CPRD) is a think tank in private sector, established in 2012 for policy studies, research and dialogue.  It has its main office in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad with a backend office in Karachi. It was created to work for finding the Sharia’a based sustainable solutions of the problems faced by our society in particular and the globe in general.


Primary Aims and Objectives

CPRD is created with the following primary aims and objectives:

1.    Development of a robust mechanism of creative thinking, conducting research on policy issues, and initiate dialogue at appropriate forums to find sustainable solutions of the burning problems of our society and the global village at large.

2.      With the involvement and efforts of the concerned experts, researchers and the stake holders of the society, after completing the defined process of policy research and dialogue, the outcomes in the form of policy research recommendations are to be ultimately submitted, with our internal monitoring feedback mechanism, to the decision making authorities and the related institutions of the country for their implementation.


Other Aims and Objectives

1.      Work on multi-dimensional areas. These may include academia, politics, law, defense, engineering, banking, industry, journalism, sociology, and economics among some others.

2.      Create subject-based groups of young individuals, who will conduct research and dialogue sessions under the supervision of subject experts and eminent researchers.

3.      Establish strong networking with the individuals and the offices so that it can approach the policy and decision making institutions and bodies of the government with a strong voice.

4.      Concentrate on the reconstruction of the theoretical and practical aspects of education on the whole. In this context, CPRD will work on introducing a system of education that is based on the blend of religious and contemporary education and that will provide a solution to the problems of the society.

5.      Search and identify sincere and patriotic individuals in various areas of life. Encourage these individuals and establish working relations with them for collaborative work.

6.      Raise voice at the ideological front in response to the ideological attacks and conspiracies against Pakistan. Highlighting nationalism on the basis of ‘First Islam and Then Pakistan’.

7.      Work on the issues related to national security and sustainability, thereby evolving CPRD as an authentic policy research organization.

8.   Think, dialogue and research to find the solutions to the social, moral and ethical problems that are raised due scientific and technological innovations and developments around the globe.